Your safety is our priority

Your safety is our priority

HI CAB is the first but also the only motorbike taxi company to ensure the training and monitoring of our riders by a road safety professional.

Right from the start, HI CAB has made safety its prime concern. But even that wasn’t enough for us!

Frank MUCHEMBLED, founding partner of HI CAB, was a member of the motorbike division of the Paris Firefighters Sports Association for which he was in charge of the safety for numerous events and for the accompaniment and transport of people.
Frank has put a strict recruitment policy in place for HI CAB’s riders,  which not only tests their steering abilities but also their of handling of traffic.

Furthermore, although legislation regarding this profession does not provide for any monitoring or particular training, we took the decision ourselves to complement our recruitment process with a complete training program for our riders. For this we sought the external advice of a specialist in road safety who is responsible for monitoring our riders. This ongoing training looks at rider control of the vehicle (slow speeds, braking, negotiating bends, and general road hazards) as well as rider knowledge of the legislation linked to the profession, customer service and accident case studies (the cause of an accident and how to avoid them and report them).


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